Corporate Case Studies

Added on: 25 April, 2013








Janssen Cork;

Spectrum AV are now providing AV sales, design and support for the Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical group. One of their companies Janssen Pharmaceuticals commissioned Spectrum AV to install new conference room builds with Crestron support. We have also installed large format displays, wireless presentations and digital collaboration boards in their conference and public facilities.




FMC BioPolymer;

In 2013, Spectrum AV were commissioned to design AV technology for three conference rooms for FMC. Some of the technologies implemented over the AV network design consisted of Drop Screen Projection with light and blind automation. We also installed Video Conferencing and with Touch LCD. All rooms are controlled via tablets (iPad) in-wall and hand held devices. This concept gave the end user the ability to control and present from the same devices allowing ease of use in a presentation environment.






In 2013, Spectrum AV installed Digital Signage over the Pepsico network which was implemented over three sites in Cork. Training and support were also provided in this project. Our high end Digital Signage solution offers the best of what this service can offer our Corporates or Pharmaceutical Plants. One of the leading advantages which Pepsico also welcomed was “ease of use” for content make-up.






In February 2014, Spectrum AV were awarded the full AV Support Contract for Stryker Ireland. This consists of quick response onsite support calls and preventative maintenance visits over the annual year. Spectrum AV continue to work closely with Stryker to provide innovative solutions such as Interactive Touch-Screen Technology for process management, boardroom design and fit-outs and mobile meeting solutions.




Spectrum AV currently supply all AV requirements to Roche Ireland. AV services are also maintained by Spectrum AV.







In January 2014, Spectrum AV were awarded a full AV Support Contract for Fexco. This consists of quick response onsite support calls and preventative maintenance visits over the annual year. We have also designed and installed Video Conferencing software for the company.






Laya Healthcare;

In January 2014, Spectrum AV were commissioned to design, manage and consult new conference rooms for Laya Healthcare’s Dublin and Cork offices. Some of the AV technologies included – Video Conferencing with full automated boardroom fit-outs.


EMC logo


In March 2014, Spectrum AV were commissioned to design rear projection onto two glass walls. Each wall consists of Crestron control and in bedded audio with a spectacular projection glass displays. The project also demonstrates the level of innovative AV concepts Spectrum AV has to offer.


Ethicon logo


In March 2014, Spectrum AV were commissioned to design install a new Boardroom. This specification consisted of Crestron Automation with high end projection on a fixed frame Screen. Wireless presentation and retractable table cubby’s were also installed as parts of this project.



MA Com;

In 2012, Spectrum AV were commissioned to install Audio Visual technology for a projection room with an automated screen and PA system. We have similar installs with other corporates which include Video Conferencing and Digital Signage.



BAM Services;

Spectrum AV have been the main preferred AV contractor for BAM Service Projects over 2013/14. Projects included Cork University Hospital, Cork Institute of Technology and the Cork Examiner.



Musgrave Group;

Spectrum AV are the preffered audio visual provider for the Musgrave Group. In 2014, Spectrum AV were commissioned to supply and maintain projection and screen facilities in various meeting and Boardrooms.






Yves Roche;

In 2014, Spectrum AV began working with Yves Roche into install Digital Signage displays within their Cork offices and plant.







In January 2015, Spectrum AV designed and implemented Video Conference Technology and a Wireless Presentation solution to the Kostal boardrooms and meeting facilities.





Cork Chamber;

In February 2015, Spectrum AV were commissioned to install a trolley solution for the Cork Chamber. As the Cork Chamber is a listed building, we choose a mobile collaboration unit to protect the original aesthetics and design of the boardroom. The unit was designed specially to facilitate Video Conferencing and Wireless Presentation for their meetings and consultations.


Lufthansa Logo




In April 2015, Spectrum AV designed and installed a series of Digital Signage Players to the plant to facilitate Interactive Touch Screens. We also supplied additional licenses and software.


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In May 2015, Spectrum AV configured an Interactive Digital Signage Solution for the VMware reception area in Cork, we supplied and installed a Digital Media Player with a 55″ Interactive Display, onsite training was also delivered to the marketing team.




In March 2013 Spectrum AV designed and installed a DVB Network to 52 different points across the office building with 4 separate signals at each point launching digital terrestrial and various DVB-T signals from PC’s. The project had to be done outside of office hours as so not to disrupt ongoing technical research within the company. To facilitate this our engineers worked through the night and weekends.

The guys at Spectrum AV did a highly professional job installing our satellite dishes and installing our test DVB networks for us. They were highly flexible in the days and hours they worked so as not to ensure any downtime to our systems, their expertise delivered us a robust and highly flexible test DVB network. I highly recommend Spectrum AV for their work and I will certainly be looking to them in the future”

Kieran O’Callaghan

Senior systems Test Engineer